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We at Lending a Helping Hand or 2, Inc. are happy to help. Our goal is to be of assistance to those in need when their resources become limited.


If you are in need of assistance click here  and give us your name, telephone number and how many adults & children are in your household. Please list at least 10 items you are in need of and we will review your information and contact you to let you know how many of those items you qualify for and to schedule you for an appointment. 


You can also contact us by calling 517-505-0712 during business hours and one of our volunteers will assist you.


Please know that you are able to receive assistance one time per calendar year and each adult must provide proof of identity to receive assistance. If you have more than 2 children, you must provide proof. 

*Please note:

Tooth Brush/Tooth Paste = 1 item

Shampoo/Conditioner = 1 item

Shaving Cream/Razors = 1 item

Diapers/Wipes = 1 item

Lending a Helping Hand or 2, Inc. has the right to refuse service. 

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