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Our mission is to serve as a resource in the community and lend a helping hand to those in need by providing them with goods and services that meet their basic needs.




Board of Directors

Doris D. Harris

Founder & Executive Director


Out of a heart and a passion to serve and help others, Doris D. Harris founded Lending a Helping Hand or 2, Inc. Her goal is to assist those in need and in the process put a smile on someones face. She believes that a hand reaching out to help is OUTREACH.



Doris D. Harris is also the founder of A Ministry with a passion and focus on helping Women, young ladies and girls live a life of self acceptance and FREEdom as the beYOUtiful person God created them to be.



She has a degree in American Sign Language with a heart for Deaf Ministry.


She is a wife, mother and grandmother.

RoShawn Smith


As a young adult, Roshawn left her hometown of Detroit, MI to enlist in the United States military.  She served nine years. During her term in the military Roshawn had yet to find her calling.  Armed with little more than her dream to succeed, a dream we all share, Roshawn went to Oakland Community College where she received her A.A. in Interpretation.  She then enrolled in the biggest Deaf liberal arts college in the United States, Gallaudet University, where she received he B.A. in Interpretation. 


Early in her first year of college, Roshawn discovered what she had always been looking for.  Sign Language stirred her imagination, and ignited the fire within her soul.  Now a professional interpreter and equipped with eleven years of interpreting knowledge, Roshawn’s life remains motivated by the mysterious mist of the future, of one thing she is sure:  no matter what her priorities in life may become, her first will always be to serve.

Kim Weber

Board Member

Throughout many years and a few employers Kim has found her niche in working with the State of Michigan in which she has the pleasure of changing people’s lives and offer them a career. "I found that no matter where life takes me my passion is to change the lives of others."

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